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Who I Work With

Most often, I work with CEOs and VPs of marketing in venture-backed software startups.

  • My services are designed for software startups and early stage startups — companies that have a shipping product with paying customers.
  • I require 100% support and involvement from the CEO. Understanding the benefits of public relations is key to a successful plan. The client needs to understand results aren’t always seen immediately and that it’s not a realistic goal to be on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in your first media relations campaign. Long-term commitment to a PR plan proves most beneficial for startups.
  • I’m not afraid to push back or to disagree with my clients.  My clients hire me because I am an expert at what I do and I’m not afraid to tell them so.
  • Barbara’s approach is different.  I specialize in and only work with software startups.  As a senior level executive, I understand your needs and can help you achieve desired results within six to 12 months. At the end of that time, along with the client, we will analyze the program elements implemented and create a long-term plan.

For a free discussion and assessment of your situation, please call Barbara Llarena at 1.510.430.1400 or send an email.


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