Because I only work with software companies, I know and understand your challenges – the need to increase sales and market share.  By executing a few key steps, together we can successful take your company to the next level.

Step 1:

Create a unique strategic public relations plan.  No cookie-cutter approach here – whether launching a company or executing a press tour, each strategy session is unique and customized to each client’s needs and audience(s).

Step 2:

Put it Into Action.  After creating the plan, it’s time to execute it.   Barbara will tactically execute the plan , ensuring all aspects are fulfilled from beginning to end.

Step 3:  

See the Results.  After the plan has been successfully implemented, Barbara will analyze the results to determine next steps.


Analyst Relations – relationships with key industry analysts are essential to validate a product and industry.

Collateral Development –  develop background material for sales and marketing to use which highlights key differentiators.

Competitive Research –  determine how your competitors are positioned and use that information to your advantage.

Customer Relations using customers to highlight the benefits of your product or service is invaluable.

Media Relations – reaching the most influential reporters and editors is important in helping your customers understand the benefits of your product or service.

Social Media Relations  – I will determine if a social media campaign is appropriate for your company and which ones to target.

To take advantage of any of the services listed above, please contact Barbara Llarena at 1.510.430.1400 or by email.


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