Client Profile

While having deep technology experience, my primary expertise is in enterprise software. I assist CEOs and VPs of marketing in technology startups who need guidance in figuring out the new landscape of public relations.

Gone are the days of simply making an announcement and expecting every technology publication to cover it. You’re competing with thousands of similar companies — all vying for the same attention. It’s my job to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few case studies:

Central Desktop

Launched Central Desktop (iMeet Central ) an online collaboration company with a small un-defined target market with only 6,000 users. Central Desktop was launched in a specific target market with a comprehensive analyst and media relations campaign, capitalizing on an industry buzzword the client previously avoided. Within one year, the company went from only 6,000 users to more than 50,000 users, dozens of positive articles and profiles, and was included in several industry analyst reports. The company was successfully positioned for its first round of funding.


Launched FusionLayer , a Finnish-based cloud application company in the U.S. market. Created buzz around completely automating the public and private cloud for enterprises with Fusion Layer’s technology. Received positive coverage in the tech media and the analyst community.


Secured top-tier business coverage for 3PAR, a storage/virtualization startup. Assisted in defining a new category  thin provisioning  and helped take the company public. 3PAR was one of the last tech companies with a successful IPO before the recession and was later purchased by HP.