Why Ask Why When it Comes to Social Media?

Just about everyone is weighing in on the subject of social media and experts.  I even wrote a post about  social media experts, which leads into my next topic.  Brian Solis recently penned a post to get companies to think and ask some real basic questions when it comes to social media.  Why?

Once again, you need to get beyond engaging in social media because “it’s the thing to do.”  You need to ask some serious questions about why you want to engage in social media — because your customers are certainly asking the questions.

If you haven’t thought about it, take some time to review why social media is important to you and your business and if your customers are even engaged in social media.

Social media has definitely changed the marketing and public relations landscape.  Remember, you’re not just doing it for  self gratification.   Everything you do related to marketing your company should circle back to the needs of  your customers.

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