Oakland — The New Tech Hub and Rockbot, Rocking the Music Industry

I love new technology and this week I was introduced to some cool new technology startups based in Oakland, Calif., at the #VatorSplashOakland Conference in Oakland’s historic Jack London Square.

VatorSplashOakland is a startup competition conference hosted by Vator, Inc. with an educational segment for entrepreneurs seeking capital. While all the competing companies had promise, my favorite was Rockbot.

Rocktbot is the 21st century Muzak. Anyone who has the nerve to take on the giant Muzak has my vote. What’s cool about the service is that customers can make musical selections on their smartphones instead of being forced to listen to “elevator music.” And of course there’s a social element. Once a customer makes a selection from a pre-approved playlist, their choice along with the store/company name are shared via Facebook and Twitter.

Pretty cool, Rockbot. I’ll be looking for your service at the stores I frequent!





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